Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Graceland... Or not to Graceland?

Hunter, Bill, Ali, and Emily and Saoirse were too cheap pay $25 dollars each to see Graceland so we stood outside the gates that were covered in Elvis lovers' graffiti, feeling slightly lame but to make ourselves feel better, we thought about exchanging the 25 dollars in our pockets into singles and get messages.... But instead decided to check out Sun Studios and the Memphis Zoo. Epic and such a fantastic idea. Sun studios was incredible... We didn't go inside the studio itself but we went to the giftshop, which was this old soda fountain where coffee was $1.09 with free refills... It was a great atmosphere. THE ZOO was also a-ma-zing! We saw lions and tigers and... Pandas!!!!!!

The half-fun, half-quiet car.

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