Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuff flies out of the back of car!! Simon nearly dies! Alert the Brazillian consulate!

After accidently leaving the trunk open after leaving the gas station, driving fast down 55, the luggage of the Rental "Fun" car fled from the back like birds after a close gunshot. Pulling over swiftly (not difficult for Lauren "hugging the curve" Makholm) we rushed out of the car, dashing after our luggage fluttering like moths in the wind, perhaps powered by the magic which allowed Simon to pack so tightly. Suddenly, out of the blue, a herd of angry pigs descended upon us, heading straight for Simon. Barely escaping with our lives, having pulled Simon from the jaws of vengeful hogs, we rushed back to the impala.

On the road again, Lauren was visibly shaken. Andy reached out a comforting hand to pat Lauren's shoulder. However, rather than quelling her fear, Lauren was surprised and, screaming, swerved. "Tiny Dancer" skipped haphazardly on the stereo.

Narrowly avoiding a truck to The Heartland, we continued on. Simon is on the phone with the Brazillian consulate, speaking in rapid Portuguese, making sure all "arrangements" that must be made sometime in the future will be swift and simple.

Meanwhile, fineladies Betsy and Lila were distressed to find their lattes had spilled a bit during the commotion, were surprised by the latest trends in Lucky (butterflies?), and conducted a backseat photoshoot. They also wonder if the snacks that fell out of Simon's bag are edible.


  1. The title of this post is a Sufjan Stevens song from, "Come On, Feel Brazil!"

  2. I think "Alert the Brazilian Consulate" is a good album title.

  3. uh-MAZING. but what...actually happened? i got so caught up in the whimsy that i lost the facts. but maybe that was the point. Hm...

  4. There were definitely pigs involved.