Friday, March 20, 2009

The FUN car!!!!!

Hey y'all!

Did you enjoy my use of the Southern dialect??

Greetings from Springfield, IL! That's right guys, we ARE the fun car. Sorry it's taken so long for us to post an entry... We were just having too much fun. What with lady GaGa and all. But alas even we, the FUN car, have been longing for the warm gooey comforts of the wafflehouse while staring at all the... Nothingness. (see attached photo) We also stopped for beef jerky (and the clerk at the gas station warned us about the excruciating heartburn it gave her last week).

And now, we're at the capitol building, taking photos, looking for a place to pee, and Bill is menacingly switching chairs in the Hall of Flags so they're backwards.


Until waffles,
Bill, Merry, Matt Chan, Hunter, and Saoirse
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