Friday, March 20, 2009

The quiet car

Alright, Ian, Ali, Emily, and I are in the unrepentant quiet car.
There were many debates at the beginning of the tour over who would be
where, with Bill promising civil war battle stops on the way, and
after many of us shouting that we wanted to be in Bill's car because
it would be "the fun car," Betsy had to remind is in a very maternal
like manner that "every car would be the fun car."

But lo, it is not true. For we are the quiet car where naps and Sufjan
Stevens reign supreme. A little taste of what's happened so far:

- Ali and I passed out for 2 hours.
- Ian stopped to pee.
- Emily demanded that I not encroach on her leg room and the proceeded
to spread out on the bitch seat. Now she is asleep with a pillow on
her head.
- We saw some corn.
- About 15 minutes later we saw some more corn.

Annnnd, that's all the news from the quiet car. Where is this waffle
house? I shall gaze for it like a green light on the end of the pier.
It shall be unto me a red sled named Rosebud which will be a metaphor
for the mother's love I never had.

150 miles to St. Louis. Quiet car out.

- R.

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  1. It's in Illinois no more than 30 minutes from the Missouri border! I hope you find it! (Also, that they have fixed their septic system.)

  2. I did not stop to pee, let it be on the Record.

    The quiet car averages between 85 and 90 mph. The quiet car can fill it's tank on $20. SO BOO YAH.