Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Car of Angels?

After the rental car, Emily, Simon, Betsy, Ramona, and Matt Chan, went heartbreaking and hopelessly in the wrong direction, they made their way back to Atlanta and tried to as quickly as possible make their way south again. Driving down I85, Simon pointed calmly to an exit about to whiz by, "oh, its that one."

Ramona, driving, later described the action that followed as something she was born to do. Blank-faced and steady handed, Ramona pulled the wheel hard to the right. Off roading and rumbling over what can only be described as Not The Highway, the Impala careened onto the street.

Exclaimations and profanities flew through the air like Simon's magical luggage had a mere three days previous.

We now consider those days to have been a lifetime ago.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the car levelled and sped onward down the correct path, 85. Catching our breath we all feel blessed and closer to one another. This time, no kidding.

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