Sunday, March 22, 2009

Memphis is cool.

It is impossible to act out Morgan Freeman in a game of charades. Ramona knows all sorts of fun facts pertaining to plumbing and hoses and such, she's a regular wonder woman. The south is awesome and delicious. I learned lots today.

Memphis is really friendly and stuff. So far, tour is kind of's great spending so much time with such absolutely wonderful people. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside =P It really does feel like we're one big loving family of a cappella nerds =) I was thinking about last night's party, where some boys wanted to dance with ransom notes girls. And I realized I felt the same way I would as if it were my little sister. A little bit protective, which is super silly, but it's just cuz you love your little sister and wanna watch out for her, you know? The point is, I love how close we're all getting. It's cool.

Anyway, it's late, and graceland awaits in the morning.
Time for bed!

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